Ethernet and IP Solutions

Whether you need connectivity to a remote building, or just need the wifi in your home to be consistent, we have the solutions for you!

IP Solutions from Big to Small

Think it is impossible to get a connection there? Think again! We have successfully installed Line of Sight antennas to connect distant buildings with no conduit between the two. Every situation is unique and should be treated as such. Allow our experience to find the solution that is best fitted for you!

Our most common service call for homes is wifi “dead spots”. Some home owners are savvy enough to take this project on themselves. However, using multiple cascaded wireless routers may not always be the best option. Often times, the routers are not setup correctly and the Customer will experience intermittent outages. The best way to combat this is to install wireless access points. Under this configuration you will only have one SSID for your house. As you move throughout the home, the access points will hand your device off to the closest device and you never lose connectivity. This is in contrast to having multiple networks in your home and having to manually connect to whichever device is closest.

  • Need a new Ethernet drop for your home or business? Focal Point can do that.
  • Need a new phone line run for your home or business? Focal Point can do that.
  • Need printers or other devices networked to share information? Focal Point can do that.
  • Need multiple buildings on a property networked?
  • Need a whole home Wi-Fi system installed?

Examples of Our Work

Focal Point Security